Activate your Clicker Collar™ 90 day no questions asked warranty.

When you activate you warranty you get the free bonus of our ebook “Train Without Fear and Pain” and your digital copy of the Clicker Collar™ Operator’s Manual.

Not much to say. It is what it is. If any part of your Clicker Collar ™ fails in the first 90 days after purchase we will replace the part for free. If you are unhappy with the training materials the 24/7/365 phone support or the custom built for you training regime we will give you your money back.

But you must register your Collar within 10 days after purchase. To register and get your free copy of “Train Without Fear and Pain” please send an email to:


While you at it please tell us what issues you are having with your best friend so we can send you a custom built for you training regime. Or if you want to speak to us in person just call:

719-332-4269 24/7/365.

We love to talk about dogs and we don’t bite.