Dog Training Collars

How can I train a dog not to bark without hurting him with a dog shock collar?

Training does not have to be traumatic to you or your best friend. Our clicker based dog training collars with remote is fun for both you and your best friend. Best of all there is clicker, treat and praise. Oh yea and it is fun to do. We will teach you how to keep dog from barking, digging, jumping, chasing and other bad behaviors.

You don't have to shock your dog into submission. It is more humane to use the sound and vibration on dog training collars to train your best friend. Using sound and vibration will immediately train your dog to stop barking, jumping up and chasing. And it will do it faster then using a shock collar to shock your buddy into submission.

Shocking your dog is as inhumane as kicking her. Most people think that since it is the collar is shocking her into submission that it keeps them from being the abuser; think again and ask your dog about this matter.

Training with love and understanding is faster and more permanent than training with fear and pain. When you learn how to stop a dog from bad behaviors you gain your dog's trust as a leader of the pack.

The Clicker Collar™ is like clicker training on steroids. With our dog training collars you can not only learn how to train your buddy when he is hanging nest to you, but with the Clicker Collars range of 900 feet you can learn how to control your dog at a dog park or out in any open place with ease.


 Your dog loves you


The Clicker Collar™ dog training collars work to stop any behaviors you do not like while reinforcing the behaviors you do like.

Your dog's entire life is all about you. He will do anything you want him to do weather it is stopping barking, fetching a ball, being your sight if you are blind or digging through rubble in an earthquake; your dog wants to make you happy. All you have to do is tell him what you want him to do.


How to Stop...




Easily Teach...






Good Behaviors

To the left is a review of how


these dog training collars work!


Barking,  Jumping Up

Peeing Indoors, Chasing

Digging, Chewing

All Annoying Behaviors


The Clicker Collar dog training collars

We teach you how to train a dog by using positive reinforcement, not negative punishment.

Positive reinforcement refers to rewarding your dog for doing the right thing by simply breaking his train of thought and distracting him from proceeding when he presents a behavior that you do not want.

Negative reinforcement is when you punish your dog for offering to you a behavior that you do not want or like. Anytime you cause fear, pain or mental anguish to your dog you are using negative reinforcement.

We do know however that when faced in a life or death situation you may need both like when you need to teach him how to stop chasing cars or people.

The problem with most dog training collars that rely on training by negative reinforcement by sending an electrical current through the metal prongs that dig into your buddies skin which can  cause an infection. That is why on our dog training collars you can remove the non-conductive comfort guards and easily install the metal conductive prongs. When you have trained him out of the bad behaviors you can reinstall the comfort guards again for a happy dog. 


Take Your Dogs Diving With You!

Yes you can! The Clicker Collar™ is waterproof down to 16 feet. The electronic portion of our dog training collars otherwise known as the "shock collar" shuts completely off when wet. So yes you can now take your dog diving with you, or at least for a swim in the pool, stream or lake.


"Underwater Dogs" the book

"Underwater Dogs" by Seth Casteel makes for a great Christmas Present for that dog lover that is hard to buy for, they wont be able to put it down. The photography is as outstanding as the faces on the dogs are as they jump into the water. This book is available at Amazon. CLICK HERE.



Fits Most Every Dog

Our dog training collars fit most every dog from puppies to the older dogs learning new tricks.

The Clicker Collar™  has all the modes all the other remote controlled dog training collars do, shock, vibration and sound.

The Truth is most quality training collars are the same. They all do the same functions. Glitzy unneeded things like 100 levels of shock and vibration is just the shiny thing hype. Does anybody really think this will really help you train your dog better?

We give you everything you need, a quality dog training collar, 24/7/365 tec support, a training book and a built for you training regime. If you need anything else, just speak up and call 719-332-4269.



It is designed to be lightweight!

The remote is lightweight so you can easily wear it around your neck with the included lanyard or put it in your pocket or purse.

The Clicker Collar™  is also lightweight so even the small doges can wear it.

Lightweight does not mean that it is ineffective on larger dogs. The Clicker Collar™ dog training collar with remote is large and strong enough to control any dog.



Sparky is a rescue dog, we adopted him from a rescue shelter. After a few months of training with the Clicker Collar he is now running our North American Command Center taking all the calls from our K9 customers.

Free Unlimited 24/7/365 Dog Training & Tech Support for you and your dog

Either you or your dog can call 719-332-4269 and bark for number 1 to talk to Sparky.


The Clicker Collar™ Dog Training Collar With Remote Includes...

The Clicker Collar™ Waterproof to 16 feet, rechargeable electronic dog training collar with Sound (click), Vibration and Shock (stimulus) modes. Our unique safety feature shuts off the shock portion of the collar when it is wet so it wont hurt your buddy.

LCD Display Remote Small lightweight remote fits in your hand or wear it around your neck. It wont bang into you as you walk.

Lanyard Wear the remote around your neck or through your belt loops so it is out of the way but ready to go.

Two Sizes of Stimulus Tips For both short haired and long haired dogs.

Three  AAA Batteries For the remote (the Clicker Collar is rechargeable)

Wall Charger For the Clicker Collar™ dog training collar.

Test Light We include a test light to test the stimulus portion of the collar.

Operator's Manual Yes we give you an operator's manual. Many manufacturers do not care to.

 Plus our bonus gifts to you for being such a good friend to your best friend...

FREE Comfort Guards These guards are comfortable and keep the training collar from irritating the skin.

FREE "How to Train Without Fear and Pain" This book trains you how to train your dog.

FREE Unlimited 24/7/365 Tech Support  Don't waste precious time if you have a problem, call us and we will fix it.

FREE Unlimited 24/7/365 Dog Training Assistance Have a problem teaching your dog not to bark? Call us!

FREE Custom built for you dog training regime  We will teach you how to train your dog with a custom built for you training regime.



We Teach You How To Train Your Dog


This book will quickly introduce you to clicker training and not only how to do it when your best friend is at your side, but also when he is 900 feet away at a dog park!

ACT NOW and claim your free copy of "Train Without Fear and Pain"

Learn how easy it is to train your best friend with your dog training collar with remote. It is humane, fast and easy!


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